Avoid 4 Common Mistakes in Making a Work Agreement

The relationship that occurs between companies and the workers cannot be separated from work agreements. Unfortunately, work agreements made by the parties are often just a mere formality tool so that improper work agreements are often found, which in turn lead to unfavourable consequences in the form of potential problems that may arise in the future. On the other hand, in carrying out effective and efficient business activities, companies are certainly required to be able to mitigate business risks, which in essence is to avoid any potential problems in any form.

This article will review what mistakes a company can avoid when making a work agreement, including the legal understanding of potential problems that may occur if the company neglects or ignores important elements that should be included in the work agreement.

The article is available both in English and Indonesian Language. Please consider that this article is provided for general discussion only and is not intended as legal advice or legal opinion.


ENG - Avoid 4 Common Mistakes in Making a Work Agreement

INA - Hindari 4 Kesalahan Umum dalam Membuat Perjanjian Kerja

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